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Things your Dog or Cat won’t tell you but Wants you to Know!

What would our pets tell us if they could talk? As pet owners we can get frustrated by the “language barrier” between us and our pets.

Here are a few things your dog or cat might say to you if they could to help them stay healthy and happy:

1. Don't rush me when I go to the bathroom. I hate that!

2. Don't expose me to other dogs if you aren't sure whether they will be friendly to me.

3. I don't really like wearing that hat or sweater, no matter how cute it is.

4. I know you don't like road kill and other gross things – but they smell so good. I can't help myself.

5. I love fresh water and I get thirsty even when I don’t ask for more.

6. Wash my bowl at least weekly, a dirty bowl tastes really bad.

7. I like to eat and drink out of stainless steel and love it when you run it through the dishwasher periodically.

8. Don’t give me any medications without my vet’s OK. Some things are very toxic to me.

9. I age quicker than you think. Take me to the vet for a check-up every year even if I don’t like it.

10. If you think I’m sick, please take me to the vet. I’m very good at hiding when I don’t feel well but by the time I show you how I feel it could be much worse.

11. I might like my vet even if I don’t show it. The office is just scary to me. If I am scared, it’s okay to take me for the occasional happy visit. Take me in and let people pet me and give me a treat then leave.

12. I love when you play with me; I know you are busy, but please spend time with me every day. After all, you decided to get me.

13. Old dogs CAN learn new tricks! Pease give me a chance to do something new and make you proud!

14. I get on the bed when you’re not home . . . sorry.

15. If you think I’m getting fat, I need your help to change. You feed me and I rely on you to control my food.

16 Take me for walks and don’t let me gain too much weight – even if I beg for treats.

17. Teach me to come back to you when called. It is one command that can save my life.

18. Microchip me just in case I get out – I want to come home to you!

19. I love it when you pet me in my favorite spots.

20. For me, cat poop is like a Tootsie Roll – a really gross one.

I hope you enjoyed these tips from your pet’s point of view and they will help you to have a happy and healthy year ahead with your furry family member. Some of the above excerpts are from an article by Veterinarian, Dr.Debra Primovic.

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to consider our customized dog training, dog walking and pet sitting. Call/text 480-652-4900, email:

Kathy Fabish, APDT, NAPPS, AKC Evaluator, Pet Services of Ocean Isle Beach.

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