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Private Training

The Joy of a

Well-Mannered Dog

Is there anything better than a dog who sits when you ask, comes to you when called, walks politely next to you, and actually seems to listen when you speak? Every dog can learn the simple rules of polite behavior.

I offer two methods to assist your dog into becoming a well-mannered family member: I will teach you how to make a difference in your dog’s behavior, or I will take care of the training for you.


Imagine Your Pet

  • Sitting or lying down when you ask and staying there

  • Coming when you call, the first time

  • Walking with you instead of dragging you

  • Greeting guests and strangers with a polite sit

  • Leaving that nasty thing on the ground alone

  • Looking at you when you speak to her

  • Generally being a lovely companion to have around

How Private Training Works

Running Dog

Working with your own dog can be incredibly rewarding and lots of fun!  I will show you how to teach the new behaviors you want, and how to gently eliminate the ones that irritate or annoy you.


As a Certified Dog Trainer, I offer a variety of programs to meet every dog owners needs:

Basic Puppy Training: ages 3 - 6 months

Polite manners for your new puppy are essential for them to become a well-behaved member of your family.  I address puppy issues such as house training, socialization, chewing, nipping, jumping, and commands like come when called, sit, down, stay, and all-important good leash manners so you can enjoy your walks together…….and much more.

5 privates sessions  (4 one-hour lessons, plus 1 one hr.  “field trip” )


Level 1 Dog Training: 

Level 1 is a comprehensive 8 wk training program which focuses on obedience skills, advanced leash walking skills, manners and socialization.  Through use of positive reinforcement training your dog will learn both verbal and hand signal commands. 

Behaviors taught:

*Sit                                  *Take a walk and Heel

*Down                             *Meet & Greet

*Side                               *Leave It

*Stand                             *Place (Park-It)

*Stay                                *Come

*Watch (focus)                 *Obstacles (agility)

*This Way                        *Wait                               

*Easy and Hurry

8 private sessions (6, one-hour lessons plus 2 one hr “field trip”)


Level II Dog Training (advanced)

Level II is for dogs which have completed Level 1.  The training will challenge you and your dog by increasing the four variables of training (duration, distance, distraction and location) as well as training new commands and behaviors.

Behaviors taught at Level II:

*Level 1 behaviors increasing the four variables of training.


*Finish (left and right)

*AKC Novice Exercises

*CGC testing and certification

4 one hour private sessions - $260

Introduction to AKC Rally-Obedience:

For dogs and pet parents who have some basic obedience skills and would like to do something FUN to improve them !!  This class is all about TEAMWORK!!  You and your dog will navigate a course together, side-by-side, at your own pace.  The two of you will move through a course with signs performing difference skills.  These skills consist of sits, downs, stays, walkarounds, pace changes, turns, and pivots, even some jumps.  Rally develops better teamwork and will sharpen your dog’s obedience skills and behavior at home and in public. Great physical and mental stimulations (for both of you!)

Beginner:  4 private 1-hour sessions  for $260

Beginner:  6 private 1-hour sessions  for  $390


Tricks for Treats:

Trick training builds confidence, improves obedience and manners, strengthens the bonds between you and your dog, and is a great form of physical and mental exercise.  During this class, you will learn the foundation of how to train your dog tricks, how to break down complicated tricks into specific parts, and then put the parts together to complete a trick.  The possibilities are endless!!  You can choose from an extensive list of what trick you would like to learn (some are spins, weave between your legs, take a bow, roll over, pole, high five, wave hello, jump thru the hoop, crawl, and much more).  You and your dog will have fun showing off your new skills to friends and family.

4 private 1-hour sessions



Private 1-hour sessions:


I offer one hour private sessions to address specific behavioral issues or offer solutions/training for things like pulling on the leash, destructive behavior, jumping, potty training, confidence building, and much more.   


$70 per hour.


AKC Canine Good Citizen, AKC CGC Advanced, and AKC Trick Dog testing:  

I will schedule an evaluation with you first to make sure your dog is ready to test. 


Cost of testing


 - Ready to Get Started?  I would Love to Work With You!

     Call or text (480) 652-4900



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