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Because the internet is so impersonal, we are fortunate to have so many clients voluntarily share their thoughts and feelings about our services to help you get to know us.    We have a binder full of thank you's to share with you during our first meeting. In the meantime,  here are a couple of formal Letters of Reference and short testimonials you may find of interest.

Retired Michigan State Trooper

To whom it may concern:


Without reservation, I whole heartily recommend Kathy Fabish for any house sitting needs you may need.


It’s hard to be brief when I talk about Kathy’s qualifications. So, I’ll just say it like it is.


I am Kathy’s former neighbor in Gold Canyon, AZ. A Retired Michigan State Trooper. 


Subsequently My late wife and I were very selective about whom we allowed or trusted to be in in our home when we were gone for 3-4 months at a time.

I can truthfully say that  out of all the various individuals that we had hired to watch our home thru the years that...  Kathy was hands down the best, most through, competent house sitter we had ever had!


Her attention to detail was amazing.  She cared for our home like it was her own. Additionally, she took time to constantly update me on the condition of our home thru text & with photos from her cell phone.


She did an incredible job and I was sorry to lose Kathy & her husband Paul not  only as neighbors, but my house sitter.


 It was the first time in years that I had zero worries or stress “wondering” if our home was ok as the Sonoran summers can be brutal with heat, wind, dust storms, monsoon rains.  Kathy handled any and ALL situations with ease!

Anyone that hires her is fortunate and will have glowing things to say about her work ethic and care of their home.  My loss is someone else’s gain.👍


Her honesty, integrity, care of our home was above & beyond! In all categories.. Kathy is above reproach.


As I prepare to leave my residence again for four months, I’ve had to hire TWO people to do what Kathy did by herself.


If there is a need for further information or if you have questions ..please call me at.  480.543.0546



Curt Fonger

Gold Canyon, AZ

Dog Breeder

It is an honor to provide a letter of reference for my good friend Kathy Fabish.  I have known Kathy for over a decade having met her when she was the trainer at a local Petsmart.

Being a Havanese breeder, I like to enroll any puppy I keep back in a puppy socialization class and 11 years ago, this is how I met Kathy.  Her classes were fun, informative, and very professionally run.  Kathy was able to adapt the classes to the needs of the puppies.  Once we finished the 6 weeks, I enthusiastically recommended her to my puppy buyers and Kathy became my go-to trainer.

When she left PetSmart to start her own pet-sitting and dog training business here in Gold Canyon, I was elated.   Kathy has been my right-hand person.  My dogs all knew her and loved her.  I trusted her implicitly and she never let me down.  I was finally able to go on vacation and not worry. 


Her classes continued to be conducted with excellence and professionalism.  She offered Canine Good Citizen evaluations, Obedience, Freestyle, Agility and Rally.  In addition, she worked one-on-one with families who needed individual training and/or help with problem-solving.

Kathy even helped me with some deliveries in the middle of the night!!

This past Summer, I kept back a puppy who lacked confidence and so I consulted with Kathy.  She developed a 10-week curriculum specifically for this puppy that was structured and well-researched.

I cannot tell you the void that has been created in my life since Kathy moved.  I miss her dearly as a friend and I dread the thought of trying to find a new pet sitter and trainer.  Kathy set the bar high.

In summary, you will get a dynamic, dependable, professional, personable, and highly skilled person with Kathy.


Lucy Lancaster, FNP-C

Owner, Lancaster’s  of Gold Canyon Havanese

More Thoughts

We have been lucky enough to entrust Kathy and Paul with our dogs for over 7 yrs.  They are hands down the best pet sitters we have ever had.  When we are away, we never worry!!  Our dogs just love them.  We would recommend Kathy and Paul without hesitation to anyone looking for pet sitting services.


Sally and Jill


Thank you so much for all that you've done. Without your help, I am afraid Christi would have gone back to the shelter. You were such a blessing, Christi and I are so grateful!!

Julie Hubbard


It's all about the pups, and our pups LOVE Kathy and Paul.  They are loving, kind, talented and extremely responsible.  We totally trust them with our fur babies, and knowing us, that says it all!!


Ilana and Bob Wilensik

Thank you sincerely for everything!  You are fantastic at your job and we were lucky to have been in your class. Hopefully Lilly will be your "student" again very soon.


Love, Cheryl, Marc and Lilly

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